Read Steven Lee’s blog “Three Ways To Remember God’s Grace” here



  1. Wow! Amazing God’s Abundantly Grace to us through Jesus Christ as our truly Savior! Many thanks for your share message from Steve Lee’s book to help us to learn about God’s grace to us leading salvation from the dangerous zone wherever we walk on the sidewalk or cliff on the mountain to serious critical condition or death when we would fall down but someone who pulls us to lift up from our falling. So I could remember my past of sin in many years to help us our obsession of God’s grace to us to be forgiven our sins. I really give thankful to God’s grace and especially Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. We owe to Him as we want to serve for Him because His abundantly grace to lead us to be saved from the dangerous burning hell forever through Jesus Christ. Let us praise Him all the times. I enjoy your message from author of the book what I learned on something new to make me a better Christian life for Him. Amen!


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