Read J.D. Greear’s blog “7 Truths About Hell” here



  1. Good vlog, made me ponder about those people that wasn’t chosen by God, it seems like they have no choice but to go to hell. I also believe that it’s because He foreknew these people who will not accept Jesus Christ that made Him decide not to choose them. I think I answered myself, LOL but if i am wrong, correct me! Thanks and keep sharing the light! – Brenda


    • The bible teaches both God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. Even though it may be difficult to understand how both can be possible at the same time, scripture clearly teaches both. It’s a mystery we accept by faith. This particular blog is looking at Hell from the perspective of man’s responsibility. I think one of the problems we face is that we either emphasize God’s sovereignty too much…or emphasize man’s responsibility too much. There is a sense in which we send ourselves to Hell.


      • God is good!! Not giving us complete control or being controlled completely by Him or we’d be like a heartless robot. God wants us to love & worship Him. Love all your vlogs …keep them coming, Bro and Thanks!!


  2. Hi Mike
    Good Vlogs!! I enjoyed to watch many different ur vlogs. About we send ourselves to hell, make a sense. God never want to send us go to hell
    God is so good!
    hugs Marie


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