Read Erik Raymond’s blog “Are You Discontent?” here

Bible Reading: Philippians 4:11   Hebrews 13:5   Romans 8:28



  1. Praise the Lord! I am glad that you signed for blog. Yes, I agree with you from your explanation about our satisfied life from God’s plan. Yes, God’s wonderful plan for our lives whatever do we have to be satisfied. I sometimes desire to return back my job at Siemens Company where I worked at Siemens Company for temporary job a year until I left from Siemens Company in 2014. Because Siemens refused to hire me a permanent job with the benefits what I need. Now I am unemployed since I left from Siemens as temporary job without the benefits. I frequently am not satisfied my life without good career. Also, I want to have a small house and new car but I do not have them. I sometimes feel as low self-esteem without job, house and new car for safe driving. Your message really hit me to learn about myself must be satisfied what do I have from God’s wonderful plan for my whole life in His perfect sovereignty. I keep to give my thanksgiving for Him whatever what I have for good or bad thing. Earth is very temporary life, but we will have eternal lives in heaven because heaven is our real HOME forever. I say AMEN! Many thanks for your share from Erik Raymond’s message what did I learn. God bless you, Mike!


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