Read James MacDonald’s blog “Truth For Any Trial” here

Bible Reading: Romans 8:28    Psalm 139:16    Acts 13:48


One thought on “TRUTH FOR ANY TRIAL

  1. Wow! You are very good job as your explanation what is God’s plan for us in bad times and good times. If we have a bad times then we trust in God at every moment because He wants us to depend on Him at every moment because He really loves to us. I really am very happy that I received Jesus Christ as personal Savior as my Lord. Hallelujah for Jesus Christ as my Savior and Redeemer forever. So I do not know why that I have too high blood pressure as hypertension all the times yet I keep to trust in Him as His perfect sovereignty. Now I am all right health. I cannot live without Jesus Christ and God. I need Jesus Christ and God at every moment forever. Jesus Christ is the most precious Savior as my truly LORD forever. I say Amen! God bless you, Mike!


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