Below is the video I interpreted but it has no captions!

Pastor Sam Allberry (seen in the video) struggles with same-sex attraction.

Bible Reading: Matthew 28:19,20   2 Peter 3:9   Matthew 5:14-16   Isaiah 49:6   Luke 19:10



  1. Talk about showing love to same sex attracted friends. I have gay friends one of them is my best friend for many years. I am friend with her partner because of respect. Yesterday my best friend gave me a great news to announce that she is going to get married and asked me to be witness to her wedding. I declined because I can’t serve two masters because in the bible Matthew 6:24 what I should be. I’m a strong faith Christain and I’m saved and baptized in Israel at Jordan River. Right now I feel my best friend is very disappointed and did not contact me for while . What can I do? I told her I always be her friend and love her the same but not her lifestyle.


  2. Question: “I have some gay friends who have invited me to their wedding. Should I go? What should I tell them?”

    Answer: “…one thing we need to preserve is the integrity of our friendship. We need to be aware that turning down an invitation like this could create feelings of deep rejection. So I think we need to find ways of expressing ourselves that make us the vulnerable ones. We need to talk about how much the friendship means to us. I think it good to make sure, even as we may be having to decline an invitation, that we are inviting them to continue to be part of our life. So perhaps make an invitation to the couple yourself to meet together soon after the wedding/honeymoon to catch up. That sort of thing will communicate that we really are committed to them.”
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