Read Sam Allberry’s blog “5 Biblical Responses To Homosexuality” here

Bible Reading: Luke 5:32    Mark 2:15    Luke 19:7    1 Timothy 5:22



  1. For Sam, I am sorry to hear your confused thoughts in your vlog, but I am responsible for God’s calling on me to minister to the gay community. For me , I cannot make a comment leaving right here. Thank you for your shared thoughts with me!


  2. When a gay couple just got married and had a good honeymoon recently, it won’t be easy for the Christian friend to invite the couple and talk about the bible. Why did not the friend speak the truth (with gentleness, of course) before the couple got married? However,if the couple would not feel offended by the subject homosexuality, that would be wonderful for the couple to learn the truth. So it might mean the couple would have to get a divorce or annulment when they decide to repent?


    • I think what Sam means is that when unbelieving people reject the truth, we still want to keep a relationship with them so that we can continue to communicate God’s Truth and the love of Christ. Being friends with them doesn’t mean we accept their sin but it hopefully will show our love for them…and maybe one day God will use our conversations to lead them to repentance.


    • The very next verse says, “Some of you were once like that. But you were cleansed; you were made holy; you were made right with God by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. (NLT)” The point is, someone shared the gospel with those sinners in verses 9-10…and the result was they were ‘cleansed’, ‘made holy’, and ‘made right with God’. One of the best ways to bring the gospel to the lost is to show them we care, by developing caring relationships with them. As they begin to trust us and ask questions, we use that opportunity to lead them to God’s word and trust that God will work in their hearts. When we develop relationships with unbelievers involved in sinful lifestyles, it doesn’t mean we approve of it…that’s just the way we make disciples!


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