9 thoughts on “NO MORE DAILY BLOGS!

  1. Aww, I am sad to see you go…hopefully u will come back. If not, that’s ok. Just do God’s will. May I ask where do you get all these blogs from? If they were from random online search/several websites, then don’t worry about answering this question. May God bless you as you do his will. Thank you so much for these past vlogs that you have done, they really helped expand my understanding about many things. Thank you again, Brenda


  2. Hi,
    I understand about you aw interpreter for two services and how important to you meditate/praying/fellowship with God first and I would love to watch you (ASL) with Robbi Syman or Symon who is a pastor who feed us fire (hot) spirit.. I agree with you.
    Keep us grow our spirits by feeding words of God. Praying for you, Robbi and others keep continue words of God. Amen


      • Will you sign Asl at church where Robbi Symon speaks with video I love to watch. He talks what bible says..
        interpreting at the two churches and spend more time in prayer. Once in a while I will post something newโ€ฆWith video?


      • The first Sunday of each month I will be interpreting in Toronto (and Wendy will interpret in Oakville). The other weeks I will be interpreting in Oakville. Every week the Oakville sermons (Pastor Robbie) will be uploaded. And I will also upload the Toronto sermons (Pastor Jason) when I am interpreting there (with my personal video camera). If the Deaf in Toronto support the ministry there, we might have the Oakville service on Saturdays (5pm) and the Toronto service on Sundays (9:15am). That would mean both churches would have ASL interpreting every week…and the sermons uploaded onto the internet. The Deaf could watch TWO wonderful sermons EVERY week. But for now we leave it all in God’s hands and commit it all to Him. The Lord is good! ๐Ÿ™‚


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